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New chairman at London Consultants’ Association

Consultant endocrinologist pledges to continue to work with FIPO

The London Consultants’ Association (LCA) has confirmed that Dr Mark Vanderpump, consultant endocrinologist, has taken over the chairmanship.

He succeeds Professor Neil Tolley, consultant in ENT and thyroid surgery, who has completed his three year tenure.

Dr Vanderpump (pictured), who has served on the LCA’s board of the directors for a number of years, said: “Private practice can be a very lonely place and I am pleased that the diverse range of activities that the LCA is planning goes some way towards supporting and encouraging specialists.

“We will also continue our active involvement with FIPO [the Federation of Independent Practitioners Organisation], which represents these views at all levels in the sector and more widely.”

Professor Tolley said he believes that the “whole tenet” of private healthcare is changing under a “perfect storm” of increasing regulation, changes to consultant working practices and employment status in the sector, and pressure on referral paths.