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More men than women opting for virtual GP consultations

Research suggests men are too embarrassed to discuss concerns face-to-face

Men make 9% more video-based GP appointments than women do, according to an analysis of member data from the Vitality GP app.

This compares with NHS GP appointment data which shows men made 10% fewer face-to-face appointments than women over the last six months. 

Research from the University of Exeter suggests men are less likely to visit the GP because of difficulty in making an appointment outside working hours; potential loss of earnings; the surgery atmosphere being “too feminine”; they are too embarrassed; and they have limited vocabularies when it comes to discussing sensitive health issues. 

Dr Ali Hasan, clinical operations director at VitalityHealth, said video-based consultation are simple to use, convenient and fast.

“This may explain why our usage statistics buck the traditional trend of women being more likely to see the doctor,” he said. 

Vitality GP services include access to appointments within 48 hours; 20 minute GP consultations; the option to book face-to-face consultations via the app; pre-authorised onward referrals for further treatment where needed; and integration with an individual’s Vitality wellness data.