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Millennials ‘can’t look after their health’

Only 12% of GPs feel able to educate patients about self-care

Almost seven in 10 GPs and pharmacists believe British millennials have no idea how to lead a healthy lifestyle or treat minor ailments such as colds and headaches.

The argued the wider public doesn’t have access to high quality information which would enable them to lead a healthier existence, and that rectifying this problem would alleviate pressure on the NHS.

The study of 2,000 young adults and 150 health professionals, commissioned by pharmaceutical company Sanofi UK, also found just 12% of GPs and 23% of pharmacists currently feel equipped to educate patients on the self-care options available to them.

Fabio Mazzotta, general manager of consumer healthcare for Sanofi UK, said the findings reveal the complexity of the self-care landscape in the UK.

“And we hope by sharing insight into these issues, we can provide the NHS with a compelling call to action to improve the awareness of self-care practices amongst both patients and healthcare practitioners,” he added.

The poll, reported in the Sun, found only 39% of Brits aged 23 to 38 feel they know enough about taking care of themselves.