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Medicash revamps corporate health plans

Higher benefit levels and new tech are being introduced

Cash plan provider Medicash is revamping its corporate health plans.

Medicash is increasing optical and dental benefits on its Proactive health plan to £70 each on Level 1. It is also increasing the level of chiropody benefit from £20 to £50 on Level 1, without changing the price.

Medicash is extending its virtual GP service to include free unlimited virtual GP consultations for all employees on its updated Proactive and Plus health plans. 

Medicash Plus policyholders will receive discounted health club membership and the Best Doctors InterConsultation service across all levels. 

The entry level price for Medicash Plus remains at 95p per employee, per week and for Medicash Proactive it is £1 per employee, per week for groups of 25-plus. Medicash Proactive is also available for groups of 10-24, starting at £1.15 per employee, per week. 

Medicash has also introduced new features to its app, including a Mindfulness Zone, which will allow policyholders to access a series of guided meditations, breathing exercises, mental wellbeing and nutritional advice. 

Sue Weir (pictured), chief executive at Medicash, said over the last few years the provider has worked hard to significantly lower its operating expenses so that it could give more back to customers in terms of enhanced benefits. 

“The importance of mental wellbeing is rightly catching on within the whole corporate market, not just with the larger employers, and we are delighted to be able to expand our services in this area too,” she stated. 

On 1 November 2019, Medicash will be changing its employee assistance programme provider to Care First. Policyholders who have access to the full EAP will be able to use the Woebot app, which allows users to track their mood, identify patterns and provide insight into issues or concerns that the user may not have realised were causing them emotional distress. 

Paul Gambon, sales and marketing director, said: “Woebot is a great addition to our premium employee assistance package. Typically, employee assistance programmes support between 4% and 12% of the workforce, but with Woebot engagement levels can increase to over 40%.”