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Medical Solutions launches second medical opinion service

Provider has a network of clinical specialists across the UK

Virtual GP provider Medical Solutions has launched a second medical opinion service, enabling patients to have a face-to-face or video consultation with a specialist consultant to get an independent second opinion about their condition.

The provider said it has access to an extensive network of clinical specialists across the UK, which means more experts, particularly in cancer care, cardiology and orthopaedics, are available to provide patients with advice regarding treatment options and diagnosis. 

The service is part of a range of additional healthcare services Medical Solutions is launching over the coming months.

Health Insurance & Protection published a guide to latest developments in access to virtual healthcare and second opinions recently, in association with Medical Solutions. It is available here

Dr Chris Morris, chief medical officer at Medical Solutions, said the service aims to provide customers with added peace of mind at a potentially confusing and stressful time in their lives.

“It makes sense for patients to have prompt access to another professional opinion to gain further insight into the diagnosis and to better understand potential treatment options, to help them make informed decisions,” he said. 

Alan Knowles, chair of Protection Distributors Group, added that support services are now a pivotal aspect of protection insurance policies.

“More specifically, second medical opinion services can give peace of mind to customers by either giving more information into their diagnosis or by correcting the diagnosis, the latter of which can be lifesaving,” he said.