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Majority of employees want to access health benefits via an app

More people are working as freelancers or remotely
mobile phone app

Three quarters (76%) of UK employees would be interested in accessing health and wellbeing benefits via an app on their phone, a poll shows.

The survey from health and wellbeing provider BHSF found millennials and Generation Z were particularly interested in accessing their health and wellbeing benefits via an app.

Nearly half (44%) of those under the age of 34 were very interested, and nine in 10 expressed an interest in this method.

Advances in technology have also resulted in a drastic rise in freelancers and remote working over the past decade. The Office of National Statistics predicts that 50% of UK employees will be working remotely by next year.

Brian Hall, chief commercial officer at BHSF, said employees’ expectation around the health and wellbeing support they receive from their employers is changing.

“For many, work isn’t constrained to just the four walls of an office, so accessing benefits via their mobile phones fits their lifestyle,” he explained.