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People with dementia spend £15bn waiting for care reforms

People living with dementia have spent almost £15bn of their own money on social care since government reforms were first promised in March 2017, according to Alzheimer’s Society.

The analysis also reveals that since March 2017 people with dementia have spent more than one million days stuck in hospital beds, despite being well enough to go home, at a cost to the NHS of over £340m.

In the two year period, the total number of people over 65 diagnosed with dementia has increased by 33,000 in England.

Alzheimer’s Society has organised a photo exhibition of 12 families in Parliament exposing the reality many families affected by dementia across the country face, including stories of a woman who has had to ask passers-by to come into her house to help her lift her husband off the floor, and a woman who couldn’t leave hospital because she still didn’t have a care assessment after a year of waiting.

People with dementia are faced with higher costs for their care, costing an average 15% more than standard social care. Typically, people with dementia spend £100,000 on their care.

Jeremy Hughes, CEO of Alzheimer’s Society, said hundreds of thousands of people affected by dementia are facing financial punishment, just because they happened to develop dementia and not some other disease.

“We need an immediate cash injection through a dedicated Dementia Fund, while the government works out a long term solution to finally end this crisis in care. With diagnosis rates of dementia at an all-time high, action can’t come soon enough,” he added.