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Key Group targets later life lending with rebrand

Firm wants to help advisers deliver quality equity release advice

Key Retirement Group has rebranded as Key Group as part of a mission to expand in the later life lending sector. 

The group, which specialises in equity release, said it wants to be the UK’s leading retirement finance expert and work with the industry to develop the later life lending.

The organisation includes the UK’s largest later life adviser Key, referral service Key Partnerships, equity release lender more2life and industry support service AiR Group.

Key Group is looking to increase the role of technology in the sector, collaborate with partners to build smart later life lending products, equip advisers to deliver good quality equity release advice, make expert financial advice accessible for all people on the retirement journey, and encourage product and service innovation,

Simon Thompson, chief executive of Key Group, said that in order to help more consumers unlock a better retirement, the later life lending sector needs to grow and evolve.  “Whether, they are looking for a partner to provide their customers with white labelled advice, someone to refer interested clients to for help, support to build their business or the opportunity to invest, we can help them,” he claimed. “The rebrand brings a more cohesive approach to our various brands and highlights Key Group’s big ambitions for the future.”