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Health Shield focuses on preventative health with new corporate proposition

Digital platform Breeze will encourage self-care among employees

Cash plan provider Health Shield has launched new strategic approach focused on providing preventative workplace health and wellbeing solutions.

The solutions are aimed at organisations of all sizes but with a specific focus on SMEs.

A core element in Health Shield’s new approach is Breeze, a digital platform which brings together all of the physical, emotional and financial health and wellbeing services that Health Shield provides.

Available from January 2020, Breeze is designed to encourage self-care among employees. They can access the services from any digital device, book and manage their own appointments, access health information and assessments and receive discounts from a range of brands.

It includes automated onboarding; anonymous reporting on usage; the ability to easily add and remove benefits; and tiered levels of benefits for managers and staff if required.

Employees will be able to access a range of services and information, including GP Anytime, on-demand physio, health assessments, wellbeing app Thrive, 24/7 counselling, cancer screening, stress-related absence support, and home assistance following hospital treatment.

Health Shield is also further developing its occupational health capability by providing risk surveillance assessments, an online support service and management referrals.

Courtney Marsh, Health Shield’s chief executive, said the new approach is focused on providing affordable and easy to access preventative health and wellbeing solutions that help people lead happier, healthier and more productive lives.

“Through the Breeze platform we are also making available to SMEs the kind of benefits programme, administration and analytics – plus support in line with their legal responsibilities around employee health – to which only their larger counterparts have traditionally enjoyed access. It’s effectively a one-stop shop wellbeing solution that provides a range of services within a fully digital experience that can be personalised for each employee’s needs,” Marsh added.