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Health insurance queries surge eight-fold after election

ActiveQuote saw an 810% increase in enquiries when the Conservatives won

ActiveQuote, the insurance comparison website, has seen an 810% increase in enquiries for health insurance following the Conservative win at the General Election.

Election week saw ActiveQuote receiving an uplift in the number of enquiries every day, peaking on Friday at an 810% increase, dropping to a 275% increase on Saturday.

The figures are compared with the average leads over the three-week period leading up to the election.  

Rod Jones, head of partnerships at ActiveQuote, said while most of insurance products including life, income protection and unemployment cover have remained stable, the surge in health insurance enquires has been huge.

β€œIt has been interesting to see first-hand how some people have reacted to this election result, with many picking up the phone and getting online to scope out the cost of private medical insurance for their families,” he added. 

During the election, a lot of campaigning from all parties had been around the NHS – its staffing, its funding and its future.