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Government urged to take action over social care crisis

Queen’s Speech contained no detail on potential reforms

The government is being urged to take action to fix the UK’s social care crisis.

It comes after the Queen’s Speech said the government would address social care “to ensure dignity in old age”, but did not provide any further detail as to how this might look.

Sarah Coles, personal finance analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, said the idea of a cap on care costs and more generous means test were agreed in principle by the then-government back in 2011.

“Since then, while the problem has grown larger and less manageable, the number of postponements and the degree of prevarication would almost be amusing in its absurdity if it wasn’t for the real human cost paid by those stuck with the current system. The promise of action in a Queen’s Speech that runs the risk of being a damp squib is the latest in a long line of insults layered upon injury,” she warned.

Niall Dickson, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, added that thousands of vulnerable people are being left to fend for themselves every day without the care and support they need.

“We welcome the government’s commitment to reform adult social care but we have been here before and need to see these welcome words put into firm action,” he stated.

Will Hale, chief executive of equity release adviser Key, said: “The proposals to reform adult social care are vital as even with the funding increases unveiled over recent months, how to fund this important service  and provide those who need support with dignity they deserve in older age is likely to remain a challenge for local authorities.”