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Fire fighters ‘rescue fat Brits three times a day’

Morbidly obese patients needing medical help get trapped in their homes

Fire crews are called out three times a day to rescue morbidly obese Brits, figures show.

The data from the Home Office reveals firefighters answered a record 1,209 incidents last year involving fat people needing to be winched free.

These so-called “bariatric rescues” have more than doubled in three years from 587 in 2016, according to the figures published in the Sun.

Ambulance staff call out firefighters for patients who need urgent medical help but are trapped by their bulk.

They have specialist kit which removes doors and walls to help free residents stuck in their bed, on the sofa or in the bath.

The cases include a 51 year-old man weighing 48 stones, who had to be winched from his fifth-floor Wolverhampton flat; and 33 year-old Carl Thompson, Britain’s fattest man, whose body was removed using hydraulic equipment.

It is estimated taxpayers are hit with a £500,000 annual bill to rescue overweight Brits, the newspaper reports.

Firefighters are now training with 40st dummies filled with rubber or metal ball bearings.