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Employers ‘missing a trick’ by not communicating benefits before recruitment

Many companies are missing a trick by not promoting employee benefits more prominently to potential hires and new starters, according to GRiD.

Research from the group risk industry association found only 22% of employers communicate their benefits offering before day one of employment, such as in an offer letter.

Only 18% communicate the offering before recruitment, for instance in a job advertisement.
GRiD pointed out that a remuneration package can be a visible differentiator and often a reason for choosing to work for a company.

It said this is particularly relevant during the popular job-search month of January and extremely pertinent given that, from April 2020, employers must give employees access to a written statement of various particulars of their employment on day one of employment or before. 

Katharine Moxham, spokesperson for GRiD, said employee benefits demonstrate a company cares for its staff, wants to protect them and has taken the trouble to find ways to support them.

“There’s little point in having them if staff don’t know they exist, and they’re certainly not working as hard as they could be for a company if they’re not being promoted as a reason to join,” she argued.

Of the 500 employers surveyed, most (31%) said they communicate their benefits in a staff welcome pack.

Another 28% communicate benefits via email and 25% in a staff handbook.

GRiD said some employees will read a staff welcome pack cover to cover, whereas for others benefits are only brought to life when they can talk them through with a professional during a presentation.