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Working women ‘more stressed than men’

Two thirds have no access to a workplace wellness programme



Two thirds have no access to a workplace wellness programme


Pressures in the workplace and at home are leading to working women feeling more stressed than men, research shows.

The survey from Cigna found 79% women are stressed compared with 66% of men, with 10% of women finding their stress “unmanageable”.

Heavy workloads (17%), personal health (13%) and financial concerns (13%) are the top stress triggers for working women in the UK.

The poll also found 78% of women are not getting enough sleep versus 65% of men.

The research suggests women feel unsupported in the workplace, with 62% stating their employer does not have a formal workplace wellness programme in place.

Nearly half (44%) believe senior management lacks commitment to providing workplace wellness support.

Phil Austin, chief executive officer for Cigna Europe, claimed that sustained and evidence-based improvements to wellness programmes will create a less stressed working environment, within which women will be happier and more productive.

The survey also found only 27% of women are eating a balanced diet (vs 38% of men) and 28% are exercising on a regular basis (vs 36% of men).

Meanwhile, 75% of women do not feel positive about their finances (vs 62% of men) and 46% of the women surveyed do not believe they have a satisfactory salary (vs 56% of men).

Only 17% have sufficient money for retirement (vs 34% of men) and of those with children, only 38% feel they are able to take care of their children’s current financial needs.