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Bupa launches campaign to encourage men to ‘check their tackle’

One in four men never check for symptoms of testicular cancer

Bupa UK has launched a campaign to raise awareness of testicular cancer symptoms.

The campaign has the support of former Welsh rugby captain Matthew Rees (pictured), a testicular cancer survivor, and encourages young men to “check their tackle”.

Playing on rugby themes and terminology, the video and social media campaign is aimed at men aged 18 to 35 who are most at risk of the disease, but who are fairly lax in checking symptoms or too embarrassed to see their GP.

Figures show one in four men never check for symptoms of testicular cancer – equivalent to six million men in the UK.

A similar number would be too embarrassed to speak to their doctor if they found something abnormal. 

Almost half of men under 35 (45%) would prefer to speak to a specialist over the phone rather than in person, so the campaign aims to promote Bupa’s Cancer Direct Access self-referral service.

Alex Perry, chief executive of Bupa Insurance UK, said: “This campaign aims to promote better understanding of testicular cancer, debunk myths and misunderstandings around the disease and ultimately make men more aware of the threat of this disease. And it’s not just aimed at our members but all men across the nation.”