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Bupa forms occ health partnership with Optima Health

Customers get access to a network of over 500 specialists

Bupa has entered into a partnership with Optima Health to bolster its occupational health services for corporate clients.

Set to begin in early 2020, the collaboration offers customers access to a network of over 500 specialists at over 120 sites across the UK.

Optima Health currently supports more than 1.6 million employees at over 1,800 locations across the UK, including at 120 clinics.

Bupa currently provides over 900 clients with occupational health services across sectors including banking and healthcare.

Sarah Melia, director for Bupa Health Clinics, claimed both providers are committed to clinical excellence, quality care and innovation.

“As a result of this partnership we’ll have access to hundreds more specialists, meaning we can give our customers the support they need – wherever and whenever they need it,” she added.

Simon Arnold, chief executive of Optima Health, stated: “Our goal, as always, is to support healthy high performance for organisations and their people, enabling people to take better care of their own health and wellbeing.”