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Bupa Dental Care names Dentaid as its official charity partner

Charity provides dental care for homeless and vulnerable people

Bupa Dental Care has chosen Dentaid as its official charity partner.

Bupa’s dental practices will be supporting Dentaid’s UK and international work with a variety of fundraising and volunteering initiatives involving patients and employees. 

Dentaid was formed in 1996 and has worked in more than 70 countries providing dental treatment, training, equipment donations and oral health education.

The charity also has projects in the UK including a school’s programme and projects providing dental care for homeless and vulnerable people.  

Gabriela Pueyo, general manager at Bupa Dental Care, said: “We’re really excited to begin our work with Dentaid and help support them to provide oral care for some of the most vulnerable people in our society.”

With Bupa Dental Care’s support, Dentaid this week launched its second charity dental unit at the BDIA Showcase in Birmingham.

The vehicle will visit homeless shelters, soup kitchens and day centres with teams of volunteers providing dental screening, emergency treatment and oral health advice for people who find it difficult to access dental care.

Dentaid chief executive Andy Evans said 70% of homeless people have experienced dental problems.

“This is about breaking down barriers, helping people out of pain and restoring their self-confidence,” he stated.

Bupa Dental Care has provided funding, via its apprenticeship levy, for Dentaid to hire an administration apprentice and made Dentaid the beneficiary of its Pennies scheme – a digital charity box available in Bupa Dental Care practices.