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Bupa adds AI tool to customer call centre

Service aims to make process streamlined and friendlier

Bupa UK has introduced artificial intelligence (AI) and speech recognition to its UK call centres.

When customers call Bupa’s contact centres, they go through an identification process with an adviser to verify their identity.

To streamline and speed up the process, Bupa UK has introduced an automated ID service that uses a speech recognition and machine learning platform. This means it improves and learns from experience to interact with the caller and prompt them for required information.

Mark Davies, customer contact director in UK insurance, said it takes around 30 seconds for an adviser to verify a customer’s identity, and with Bupa UK taking 10,000-plus calls every day it is a lot of time that could be better spent helping customers with their queries.

When a caller completes the automated process, they go through to an adviser who has their details already on screen. Bupa’s advisers can then start the call with a friendlier “How can I help you?” as oppose to “Can I take your membership number?”

Since it was launched, 85% of callers offered the automated option chose to use it.

Miguel Larrucea, UK IT director at Bupa UK, said the insurer plans to further develop this technology to keep improving the customer experience.

“This project is only the start of a real digital transformation in our customer contact centres. We’re looking forward to what we can achieve next,” he stated.