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Build of City of London’s first independent hospital reaches halfway point

Nuffield Health at St Bartholomew’s is due to open in spring 2021

The City of London’s first independent hospital has reached a construction milestone with the marking of the halfway point.

Nuffield Health at St Bartholomew’s is due to open in spring 2021 and will feature 48 bedrooms, four state-of-the-art operating theatres and 28 consultation rooms.

Nuffield Health chief executive Steve Gray and Kier project manager Peter McStay marked the halfway point of the build by placing the first Portland stone slab, which will make up the rear façade of the historic building in Giltspur Street near Smithfield Market.

The hospital will specialise in cardiology, cardiac surgery, oncology and orthopaedics, and other surgical and medical specialties. The £65m building will also provide physiotherapy and diagnostics and aims to complement Nuffield’s 35 consumer fitness and wellbeing clubs, 63 on-site corporate gyms and 150 GPs in its catchment area, which will refer patients to the new hospital.

“I’m pleased to mark this construction milestone today but also to see the solid progress towards opening the City’s first independent hospital in 2021,” said Gray. “St Bartholomew’s has such rich history, having been responsible for numerous medical breakthroughs since it began in 1123, and we are delighted to ensure these two redundant buildings will once again be centres of quality healthcare as St Bartholomew’s celebrates its 900th anniversary in a few years.”