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Brits spending £211 a month on health and fitness products

Healthy food, supplements and gym clothes were the most popular purchases last year

British adults spent more than £2,500 on health and fitness products in 2019 – equivalent to £211 per month, according to research from insurer Vitality and American Express.

This figure equates to 8% of the average yearly UK salary.

The most popular health and fitness purchases last year included healthy food, with consumers spending £414 on average during the year, supplements (£218) and gym/active wear and accessories (£215). 

The research suggests there is growing appetite for alternative health practices, with 32% of respondents buying therapies such as Ayurveda, acupuncture and reiki for an average of £171 a year.

Millennials (aged 25-35) were the biggest spenders in 2019, splashing out £365 a month (£4,378 a year) on health and fitness-related products. This was almost five times more than those aged over 55 who spent on average £74 a month (£889 a year).

Millennials were also most likely to invest in digital health and fitness programmes including apps, DVDs and online subscriptions, spending an average of £315 in 2019.

The survey found 44% of respondents said they are likely to spend more on keeping themselves fit and healthy in 2020. Key spending drivers include concern about their weight (23%), a desire to improve their mental health or reduce stress (22%) and concern about their level of fitness (20%).

Nick Read, managing director of the Vitality Programme at Vitality, said although it is good that people are investing a significant proportion of their monthly outgoings on keeping fit and well, consistent healthy behaviours and a balanced approach to living well will ultimately ensure people live healthier lives for longer. 

Stacey Sterbenz, vice president at American Express, added: “Health and fitness products and services have become a key staple of everyday spending, as consumers put a greater focus on looking after their health. However, it’s important to remember that there are ways to spend wisely when it comes to getting fit and healthy.”