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Ascenti launches musculoskeletal exercise and rehab app

Tool provides virtual consultations and tailored exercise programmes

Physiotherapy provider Ascenti has launched an exercise and rehabilitation app which it claims will revolutionise how musculoskeletal injury is treated.

PhysioNow offers 24/7 access to expert advice through digital triage, virtual consultations and tailored exercise programmes from approved Ascenti clinicians.

Users can book appointments directly through the app and carry out exercises in their own home, with access to guided videos that can be downloaded and viewed at any time.

PhysioNow is fully integrated with Ascenti’s bespoke patient workflow system, which means physiotherapists can prescribe video exercises, track patient progress and adjust according to real time patient feedback within the same system that supports them in all other aspects of their daily role.

A beta test version of the app launched earlier this year and has already been used by 1,400 patients.

The app is available to all Ascenti patients and will be accessible as soon as they book their first physio appointment.

Stephanie Dobrikova, chief executive at Ascenti, said in the healthcare industry there are more and more technological advances that are transforming patient care.

“Our digital health strategy has placed us at the forefront of these advancements and our mission is to keep bringing the very best digitally enabled services to our patients and partners,” she stated.