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Allianz Partners identifies healthcare trends of the future

Report is part of a series analysing how our lives will look in 2040

Allianz Partners has launched a series of reports examining the trends and topics that will impact healthcare, home life, mobility and travel over the next 20 years. 

The World in 2040 Series includes an analysis of how robots and automation will transform everyday living; how multiple medical revolutions will improve and extend life; and the potential impact of driverless and pilotless cars, trains and planes.

The group has commissioned futurologist Ray Hammond to deliver the series. It aims to put the insurer in the shoes of future customers in order to anticipate their needs and proactively stay ahead of the curve in understanding the trends and innovations that are likely to impact its business.

The reports will be released over the coming months, predicting what the world will look like in 2040 in the context of Allianz Partners’ specific business areas: international health, assistance, automotive and travel insurance. 

The first report will focus on the changes expected in healthcare over the next two decades, including improvements in the delivery of treatment and access to care. 

This will be followed by a report looking at how super-smart living will transform the mid-21st century home. 

The third report in the series will explore the likely changes in road transportation over the next 20 years, and the final report will examine how the business and leisure traveller experience will evolve in the coming decades in both the developed and developing world.

Hammond said we can expect enormous change to almost every aspect of life between now and 2040.