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AI tool to help half a million people with chronic conditions

Patients will get content and support specific to their needs

An artificial intelligence (AI) coaching tool is being developed to support people with long-term health conditions.

Reason Digital, a digital social enterprise, has teamed up with Parkinson’s UK, the Stroke Association, Muscular Dystrophy UK and the MS Society to develop the project, which aims to transform the way medical advice and information is delivered to almost half a million people in the UK.

The Digital Health Assistant (DHA) will use machine learning to develop an understanding of the person being supported and then continue to adapt to their needs over time based on interactions. It will provide emailed content and support specific to the individual’s needs.

Matt Haworth, co-founder of Reason Digital, said diagnosis of a serious health condition naturally generates an abundance of questions for the person receiving the news.

“Online research so often results in unanswered questions and out of date, generic information which just adds to the stress and anxiety of an individual’s situation. What people want is curated information and updates from a trusted source,” he stated.

The tool has been designed to tackle common issues such as the lack of tailored and up to date information available for people who have recently been diagnosed and staff shortages.