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A quarter of retirees suffer depression or anxiety after quitting work

Four in 10 didn’t get enough support when transitioning into retirement

Almost a quarter (23%) of British retirees are suffering from depression or anxiety since giving up work, a survey reveals.

The poll of 1,000 retirees found a third said they no longer have a purpose in life, a quarter believe they gave up their careers too soon and 13% feel like they have lost a part of themselves.

Another 26% of British retirees are plagued by loneliness, according to the research by Home Instead.

The average age of retirement of those polled was 62, but respondents could have happily continued working for another seven years.

When asked what they missed most about the world of work, almost half (45%) said it was spending time with their colleagues, 39% cited the monthly salary and 32% want to have an active mind again.

Four in 10 (41%) believe they did not get enough support when transitioning into their retirement, with only 16% saying their employer helped them and a third claiming their boss gave them no support at all, according to the poll reported by the Sun.