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SME bosses at risk of burnout

No holiday for one in ten small business owners in past five years

Bosses at SME businesses across the UK are at risk of burnout, with some going without a holiday for as long as five years, a poll suggests.

Time pressures and money concerns mean that almost one in 10 (9%) SME owners have not taken a break since 2014.

Analysis carried out by Simply Business of over 500 small or medium-sized businesses suggests that over 513,000 SME owners across the nation have not taken a holiday in the past five years.

Simply Business said the research shows a “concerning” trend of UK business owners struggling to properly switch off, potentially leading to further mental and physical health issues later down the line.

The study suggests that money is the number one worry among small business owners in the UK, with three in five (62%) admitting that potential loss of earnings is the main issue that prevents them from taking time off of work.

A third (35%) estimated that taking a holiday costs them at least £2,500 in lost earnings, while one in ten (8%) estimate they are losing out on a £5,000 or more for every holiday they take. One in five (19%) also admit to finding holidays stressful because they are not bringing in any money.