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Personal Finance Society’s mentoring scheme attracts 1,000 people

Members can connect with other professionals anywhere in the world

The Personal Finance Society’s (PFS) e-mentoring programme, Connect, has attracted more than 1,000 mentors and mentees since its launch in the summer.

Connect allows PFS members to form mentorship connections with other professionals at any point of their career and from anywhere across the globe.

Adam Owen, president of the PFS, who has signed up to Connect as both a mentor and mentee, said people in the adviser community are very keen to share their experience.

“Connect gives people the opportunity to do that in an environment that is moderated and offers a platform for people to find the right person at the right time for their professional needs,” he stated.

Keith Richards, chief executive of the PFS, added that the benefit of using a digital platform means relationships are not restricted to the UK alone and that the PFS’s affiliation with the European Financial Planning Association will allow professional advisers to remain united irrespective of the Brexit outcome.

“There can be little substitute for experience and often both the provider and receiver of mentoring gain as much from the experience which is evident in the feedback already being received,” he said.

For people looking for a mentor, the Connect website allows them to familiarise themselves with the programme via a series of articles and videos.

Members can tailor their search to find a suitable mentor to help them achieve specific career and personal development goals.

The website allows mentors and mentees to keep in touch, set up meetings and devise plans of action with interactive tools.