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The Right Mortgage & Protection Network to host more than 70 events in 2020

Network hosts tech masterclasses and product specific rountables

The Right Mortgage & Protection Network plans to host more than 70 events and workshops across the UK in 2020. 

During the past year the network has seen thousands of members attend more than 60 events, including its bi-annual national training events. 

The network holds several different types of events from technology masterclasses, aimed at developing skills and knowledge on using the technology the network offers, to product specific roundtable events.

Next year kicks off with the network’s peer group meetings, which are designed for business leaders to share ideas and influence the ongoing structure and development of their businesses by looking at ways to further enhance their businesses. 

As well as keeping members informed of the latest lender, provider and compliance updates, they also hear about ways they can grow their businesses by increasing income and market exposure.

Adam Stretton, managing director of The Right Mortgage, said: “Many other networks may be reducing their events, or moving to a more online approach. Although this works for many, the feedback we’ve had from our members suggests they get more out of a face-to-face event.”