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Four in 10 GPs note increase in patient ‘anxiety’ since Brexit

Anxiety has been driven by potential drug shortages

More than four in 10 (42%) GPs believe Brexit has increased anxiety-related conditions among their patients, a survey shows.

A further 19% said they didn’t know and 39% said patients had not been affected in this way.

GPs said the increased anxiety among patients was mainly due to potential drug shortages, according to the poll by Pulse. 

Lincoln-based GP Dr Philip Williams, who took part in the survey, said drug shortages have been much more common over the past six months.

Dr Nick Bird, a GP from West Yorkshire, said he had also seen more distress from lots of patients whose medication is suddenly unavailable.

He added this was “much more than I have ever known in nine years in general practice”.

Last year GPs were warned not to stockpile medicines or write longer prescriptions due to Brexit.

Earlier this year GPs said they were dealing with increasing numbers of requests for drug switches due to a shortage of medications.

This followed a record number of 96 medicines being included on the national price concessions list, which details the drugs the government has agreed to pay more for because of short supply.